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More than ever, our customers are discovering the benefits of driving electric! MGED wants to provide the latest news and best advice about this technology and the EV revolution.
This website connects you with our energy service partner, Energy New England, and their EV-driving experts.

About MGED Drives Electric

A plug-in electric car now offers excellent performance and efficiency at an increasingly affordable cost. MGED Drives Electric is an outreach program to inform MGED’s customers about the savings and benefits that come from choosing an electric car and charging it at home overnight.

Latest News

Turn up the Heat

Recent wintery events in Virginia revolving around a massive 24 hour long traffic jam have captured our attention.  And rightfully

The Keys to Thanks:

This Thanksgiving a Turkey is Thankful for EVs! For thanksgiving, this year’s turkey wasn’t simply gifted a long life, it was

EVs in a World

EVs have certainly become a hot topic in recent months. With more models being announced and more brands releasing their

To Buy an EV

That is the question. So, you’ve been reading our various blogs. You’ve done all this research, determined that you’re ready

7 Electric Cars you

Looking to upgrade your car this holiday season, without breaking the bank? Look no further than these affordable and eco-friendly

Learn from Home: EVs

Thinking of buying your first EV? While traditional car shopping from home can be challenging, the process of remotely researching

Learn about local deals and the latest EV news!

How can we help?

Buying Guide

Learn the basics: how EVs work, which type of EV is right for you and how you can save thousands off your purchase!

Charging Guide

Learn about the levels of charging, what you should consider when buying charging equipment, and how you can save big with MGED!

Take a Test Drive

Considering an EV, but not quite sure which model is right for you? We can help you schedule a test drive and find your forEVer car.

Why Drive Electric?

Boosting the local economy, improving air quality and saving you money! Learn how EVs benefit you, the community, and the world!

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