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MGED Drives Electric

What’s New: 2nd Drive is a program that provides a purchase of up to $900 “cash on the hood” to buyers of certain used plug-in electric vehicles. To learn more, visit the 2nd Drive website.

About MGED Drives Electric

A plug-in electric car now offers excellent performance and efficiency at an increasingly affordable cost. MGED Drives Electric is an outreach program to inform MGED’s customers about the savings and benefits that come from choosing an electric car and charging it at home overnight.

Get information about local and state rebates for electric vehicles and home charging equipment, as well federal incentives that lower the cost to purchase or lease.

Get connected with the EV champion local car dealers and certified home charging equipment installers to make shopping for and setting up an EV that much easier.

Get the latest local and regional EV news and events information to stay connected with the accelerating technology and your local EV community

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